One Year Limited Warranty

Purchases of VS Modern Design, LLC cutting boards and butcher blocks (hereafter “cutting board”) are covered by a one year limited warranty. The warranty applies to production defects and workmanship. If a product is found defective, VS Modern Design, LLC will either repair or replace the item on behalf of the customer, with proof of purchase date (a copy of the purchase receipt).  

The following are not covered under this warranty:

  • Damage to cutting board from intentional or accidental means
  • Abuse, alteration or use of cutting board for purposes other than it was intended
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Splitting or cracking due to inadequate maintenance of cutting board (see care instructions provided)
  • Damage due to putting cutting board into a dishwasher
  • Damage due to exposing cutting board to extreme heat, cold or open flame
  • Warping or cracking due to storing of cutting board in excessively damp or humid environment

Please note that in the event that warranty service is required, the customer will be responsible for shipping costs.  For questions or concerns, please contact victor.sergent@gmail.com